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Paranormal Phenomena| Scientific Fact-Not Fiction
How Consciousness And Reality Are Intertwined

Date: Tuesday, November 01, 2016 @ 11:45 AM
Author : Marina Rose, QDNA®

Paranormal Phenomena| Scientific Fact-Not Fiction
How Consciousness And Reality Are Intertwined

Explorations Of Consciousness And The Human Body,
With Marina Rose, PhD

“We knew the Earth was flat, we knew that we were the centre of the universe, and we knew that a man could not take flight. Throughout human history, intellectual authorities have pronounced their supremacy by ridiculing or suppressing that which simply didn't fit within the framework their accepted knowledge” -
-- Terje Toftenes

New discoveries in quantum physics has brought to light the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of our reality. It has breached many

of the boundaries previously held firm by traditional science, tearing down these walls, one by one and shakes the very foundations in which we believed the world to be.

In her groundbreaking book, Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God, Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton, MD, demonstrates that ideas from the cutting-edge of science actually explain phenomena such as telepathy or telekinesis that have previously been thought of as paranormal. Like the title of her book implies, this is science that that's punk or rebellious. Dr. Samanta-Laughton offers a new model of the universe, where consciousness generates life, where black holes exist inside our bodies as well as far out in space, and where the same science explains galaxies and planets as well as human evolution, auras and chakras. Drawing on the very latest in scientific understanding, Samanta-Laughton provides a compelling outline that represents the next leap forward in both human understanding and living, and helps to explain the scientific reality behind paranormal phenomena that has been previously dismissed or misunderstood.

There are multitudes of scientific studies that have been released over the past several years that meticulously document the hard factual existence of paranormal phenomena. One of the many areas of research is Psychokinesis, also known as PK. Studies, such as the research of Dr. Robert G. Jahn, of Princeton University, have unquestionably proven that the human psyche can indeed directly affect material objects. Jahn's research consistently verified paranormal phenomena with thousands of experiments involving hundreds of men and women of all ages and professions. In one of many experiments, Jahn's subjects were asked to move a pendulum placed under a clear transparent glass. Many subjects were able to do it at any time and distance, the others – only in a few cases—but the results of this study, as well as many other similar research projects has left little doubt that Psychokinesis, Telekinesis, Telepathy and many other paranormal phenomena are indeed scientific fact-not fiction.

Not surprising, many of the leading researchers in the field were actually once skeptics. However skeptics have now turned to firm believers, and it's not just the ability of consciousness to have a direct effect on our physical material world-- the action of mind on matter, but research has shown that PK encompasses much more than just moving objects with the mind. It's the idea that consciousness its directly affecting the shape and nature of the entire physical world that we perceive around us—and that's a pretty powerful thought.

X Files And Above Top Secret

So if consciousness can actually affect our physical reality, it's also not surprising that government and military researcher would be equally—if not more --interested than medical science.

In 2004, a United States Air Force research project titled, Teleportation Physics Study, authored by Eric Davis, Ph.D., showed that Psychokinesis and other parapsychological phenomenon have been subject to rigorous research and documentation for a number of years by several researchers acting on behalf our the US government.

One example of this is the 24-year government-sponsored program to investigate ESP and its potential use within the Intelligence Community. The final report was released in 1995, and the CIA concluded that a statistically significant effect had been demonstrated in the laboratory through this testing. This operation was called STAR GATE, and most of its research and findings still remain classified.

Another example of paranormal research conducted in secrecy was the remote viewing experiment performed by the CIA and NSA in conjunction with Stanford university in the early 1990's. Remote viewing is the ability of individuals to describe a remote geographical location and its characteristics up to several hundred thousand kilometers away from their physical location, and has been instrumental to many military reconnaissance task forces. The Stanford research program lasted for several years, and was shut down unexpectedly with a large portion of the research and findings remaining classified.

The history of Remote Viewing does not begin or end with the American military program either. There is strong evidence that remote viewing was used by Hitler and the SS during WWII. More modern techniques were initially carried out by the former Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, but secret research associated with security and defense systems has been going on since the early 50's in order to study the applications of what the Soviets coined bioenergetic research. Like the later US counterpart, the Soviet program was based on pragmatic materialistic principles of espionage and military advancement and was completely devoid of any spiritual content. Research centers were set up in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Irkust, Vladivostock, Khabarovsk, Sartov, and in Siberia at the Durov Institute. Their goals centered around long distance mind control. Some of the world's finest clairvoyants worked for the Bulgarian Secret Police. They had tight liaisons with the Institutes of Suggestology and Parapsychology in Sofia and Petrich.

When the Soviets were making strides in mental espionage American intelligence commissioned several programs to duplicate and outperform the Soviet successes.

The US Government started their own operational top secret unit for remote viewing in 1972. and it was officially closed in 1995 – however unofficially CIA, FBI and all government agencies around the world still use Remote Viewing for a variety of purposes including, prediction of future global or individual probable life events; financial markets, general investment trends, timing and probable directions of investment; advanced assessment/mapping of future probabilities; probable earth changes and effects; geopolitical forecasting; identifying and locating wanted and potential terrorists-- and the list goes on.

In one top level government research project, well-trained remote viewers got the impression of a phantom body that went, at will, through walls and examined locations from many perspectives. This experiment reinforces many concepts suggested by modern quantum theory, such as the possibility that time and space exist only within the Universal Mind. That it is not separate from us, and we are not separated from it. Everything interconnects through thought—or consciousness--the only reality that can bridge space and time.

The idea that these far out concepts may actually be reality is difficult to comprehend if not trained in quantum physics, however multiple sources unofficially confirm that the US government has statistically significant proof documenting all of these principles, and can even demonstrate that the future influences the past! How is that for X Files and Above Top Secret.

These long term experiments alone illustrate that science and research at the very highest levels of government were and are very interested in paranormal phenomenon. How can the mainstream scientific world dismiss it when the Department of Defense doesn't? Increasingly even the staunchest skeptics are becoming believers.

The Unified Field And The World As We Know It

So just how is does science explain these well documented paranormal events that are seemingly unexplainable?

Most agree that the answer lies within the connection between consciousness and reality itself, and Quantum Physics provides the most in-depth and plausible explanation.

Here's why.

Quantum Physics has demonstrated that the act of measuring, or even merely observing sub-atomic particles, the foundation of matter, can directly affect the outcome of what you see. They have discovered that a particle has a dual component, known as a wave. This particle wave is similar in nature to other waves you may be thinking of, such as light waves or radio waves—measurable but not seen. In what has come to be known as the Particle-Wave duality, Quantum Physics demonstrates that a particle (matter) will actually take the form of a wave until it is observed, and that it is actually the act of observing the particle (consciousness) that directly shapes the outcome of its form. This implies that consciousness itself is directly tied to the base element that makes matter as we know it. It also implies that the base element of matter is consciousness itself!

To take this implication further, waves are a form of frequency. Frequencies vibrate at curtain levels that create an effect. It is suggested that consciousness in itself is a form of energy, hence why we, the observer, can impact the outcome of the observed. Energy reacts to energy. If everything you see, taste, touch, smell and hear is a part of your consciousness, and consciousness is a form of energy, then what is the world we see?

It's called the Unified Field, which suggests everything is energy and therefore everything is connected. It is influenced by not only our individual consciousness but of the collective consciousness of us all. The collective energy of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, experiences, etc. all contributes to it and is connected to it through consciousness. This information travels deep into everything we interact with. Within the energy itself, the consciousness itself, if you will, gives rise to information that determines the shape and outcome of our physical world. In this context, what was once thought of as paranormal is not so paranormal after all.

Science Fact- Not Fiction

As more and more scientific research continues to document the vast paranormal phenomena, it's becoming increasingly clear that consciousness has a direct effect on our physical material world. This revolutionary world view is shaken the very core of not only science—but society. All of our social systems are undergoing tremendous upheaval and change as we transition from the old mechanistic, disconnected way of life to a new world view which places connectedness and consciousness at the heart of the universe. The changes can be felt in all areas of life - from our economy to our educational systems to religion to healthcare. As we move from the old ideas to the new, our lives are starting to open up to a new reality—and that reality is one that each and every one of us contributes to make. Why not make it the best reality yet.

I'd love your thoughts. Feel free to comment below or you can Tweet me @MarinaRosePhD anytime to chat.

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