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Business Innovation |
DNA Design With Quantum DNA Acceleration® |
Decoding, Recoding & Rewiring Your Brain for Extraordinary Accelerated Success

By Marina Rose, QDNA®

QDNA® Business Programs | Quantum Business Series

May 01, 2016

Imagine how it would feel if in every challenging business situation you had the ability to quickly process the obstacles and immediately pivot to solutions?

Easier said than done, right!

However, beneath every business challenge lies a hidden opportunity, and some of the most successful business leaders today seem to have perfected this ability right down to a science—or should I say a “science of the mind”.

One of the most incredible secrets to achieving business success and building a phenomenal brand is knowing how to employ the “science of the mind”, or better known as Psychology. Add a few more zesty ingredients to the recipe like creativity, imagination and innovation, and voilà --now you have a potent and powerful combination for success.

Albert Einstein said it best, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

Some people have the belief that imagination and creativity are a waste of time therefore they never allow themselves the time and space for it. Maybe they were reprimanded for daydreaming when they were young and they were told to stop. How often do we hear “Stop dreaming and get real.” Far too often for most.

However, in the world of business, companies that have achieved success and maintained it in the long run are those that dared to dream—and to dream big. They are not only the most creative and innovative, they’ve also shown deep insights into human behavior, harnessing the strength of their ability to lead--not follow, breaking new ground with fresh ideas and an ever expanding potential to fulfill the public’s insatiable appetite for all things new.

Perhaps the best hallmark of their success is their ability to distance and elevate themselves above all others, shunning the competition, and never competing one on one directly with the pack.

And timing, as they say, is everything in business. Success for them is driven by remaining one step ahead of the curve. When they are eventually copied they’re already on to creating something else--and because they think differently-- they are happy to be perched delicately on that fine line that defines the leading edge. They operate outside of box, encouraging their teams to push well past their comfort zone, into the unknown, where true insights and breakthroughs are only ever found.

In other words, despite perhaps being told not to--they dared to Dream and to be the Dreamer.

Science is now validating that being called a Dreamer is actually not such a bad thing after all—in fact, it just might be the difference between being ordinary or absolutely brilliant.

Recent studies in Neuroscience have scientifically proven that daydreaming, or allowing your mind to rest and wander off while performing goal-directed tasks, dramatically increases a remarkable coherence in the brain, enabling the brain do its very best work. It tosses out the long held notion that left-brain, factual, analytical thinking leads to Genius, but rather true brilliance comes from much more of an integrated whole-brain approach.

Brilliance is birthed from a place where imagination, creativity and innovation gently collide, swirl, whirl and form a dance--not unlike the elusive quantum world, where particles shape-shift effortlessly in the duality of waveforms of light and solidity of matter.

Dr. Amit Goswami, Theoretical Quantum Physicist, retired Professor and pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness”, coined the term, "Quantum Thinking". He states, “According to quantum physics, reality occurs on two levels: possibility and actuality. Quantum Thinking focuses on two levels of thinking—the conscious mind of actuality and the unconscious mind of possibility.”

Quantum Thinking allows us to leverage the power of the unconscious mind and tap into insights that would otherwise be outside of the realm of conventional thinking, and therefore outside of our ordinary reach.

The unconscious mind is very adaptable and fluid, making it far better suited to creative insights than our more analytical conscious mind. Because of its fluidity, its able to store information, cross reference, reconfigure and integrate ideas in an innovative and often unpredictable way, and this often leads to those truly unforeseen epiphanies and moments of deep insight. Everything that you know, that you have seen, that you have heard, that you have felt—and every experience that you have ever had—are all archived in the warehouse of your unconscious mind, including all of the things that you are unable to recall consciously or that you may even have blocked.

Additionally, the unconscious mind communicates with us in ways that go beyond words. This includes deep feelings, emotions, sensations, and a myriad of visual imagery that incorporates all of our senses. It is here, deep in our subconscious, that our minds can get lost in the infinite complexities of human experience, endlessly shuffled by the many threads of life’s innumerable tapestries. It is here that not only creative insights are born, but many of our most powerful personal beliefs take root also, and many of our strongest fears and most limiting beliefs as well. These beliefs are held not only in our subconscious mind, but they also burrow deep down to the cellular level. And like the quantum world, where experiments show that the mere thought or expectation of the observer can influence the outcome, the principles of Quantum Thinking strongly suggest that our beliefs work very much the same.

Does consciousness create the material world?

Is reality an illusion that we create with our minds?

In quantum science it’s called the “observer effect”, and it’s helping us to bridge the gap between our inner and outer worlds to better understand how our thoughts create and influence what we experience in life.

What most of us don’t realize is that our physical world is actually made up of 99.99999% empty space that is held together by a dynamic, utterly mysterious and little understood force of energy that science calls The Field. It is literally the fabric of the universe and reality as we know it, and each and every one of us appears to be in an ever constant conscious coherent connection to The Field, where every thought, every feeling and every belief influences our “outcomes” – or our “reality” as you will.

The utterly mind-bending observations in the quantum world now force us to reevaluate and reexamine everything we’ve taken for granted and held true about ourselves and the world around us, allowing us to begin to pivot from that of the mere observer, to that of the active creator of our lives. They allow us to Think Quantum, and to begin to explore a vast new realm of untapped and unlimited human potential.

Along with quantum science, recent cutting edge breakthroughs in human biology and neuroscience have given birth to revolutionary discoveries in the fields of Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity, helping us to understand how now not only our genes, diet, nutrition and environment affect our personal outcomes, but how our thoughts and beliefs exert equally as much influence as well. They lay the foundation to develop techniques that accelerate an entirely new approach to life and living that assists in literally reprogramming our deepest held beliefs--right down to the cellular level.

At the heart of this revolution in science is QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®. Its principles sit squarely at the intersection of cutting edge science and the ancient arts of mind-body-energy traditions. The Four Pillars of QDNA®--Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, DNA Reprogramming and Quantum Field Theory--support the principles that the human mind and body are not separate from our physical environment, but rather are part of a vast interconnected field of energy that exists on a quantum level, what we call the “Intracellular Holographic Matrix", or what science refers to as “The Field". Here consciousness is central in shaping all aspects of our world. From the smallest cellular structure, to the broadest life experiences, each individual has the power to utilize QDNA® techniques to directly access this interconnected quantum field of energy, where all matter can be transformed to achieve its optimum state. From cellular structure and communication, to the workings of the mind, Albert Einstein said it best, “The Field is everything”.

QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration® offers QDNA® Business Innovation DNA Design Programs that are custom tailored to each client’s specific needs--decoding, recoding, and accelerating life and business for optimal success. They utilize the Four Pillars of QDNA® to leverage revolutionary breakthroughs in science to Design a DNA blueprint for success, and empower clients with cutting edge techniques that employ Quantum Thinking. They help clients pivot, and assist in designing a life and business of their Dreams.

There is a long established view in psychology that positive emotions are far more favorable to creativity because they expand the mind. Negative emotions are destructive to creativity because they constrict and slowly block one’s focus. The American Psychological Association, “has found that the capacity to experience positive emotions may be a fundamental human strength central to the study of human flourishing.”

Flourish is defined as
• to grow well : to be healthy
• to be very successful : to do very well
• to hold up and show (something) in an excited or proud way

A Further Full Definition of Flourish
1. to grow luxuriantly : thrive
2a . to achieve success : prosper (a flourishing business)
2b. to be in a state of activity or production (flourished)
2c . to reach a height of development or influence

QDNA® Business DNA Design Programs leverage these insights from positive psychology to accelerate and optimize your business to success, while assisting you with enjoying the ride to embody what it means to truly flourish.

Think about it for a minute: What is your DNA Programmed for?
Flourishing, Failure, Success, Neurosis, Anxiety, Analysis Paralysis, Stress, Deceptive Thoughts, Struggle, Hardship?

Now think about this: Who programmed your DNA? Who is in charge of Your DNA? Are You?


The million-dollar question is: How do you observe your life?

What do you truly believe?

QDNA® Business Innovation DNA Design Programsassist clients in decoding and recoding their deepest held personal and professional beliefs and provide real everyday practical tools and techniques to help pivot to mindful Quantum Thinking, clearing the way for positive and empowering transformations.

Lynne McTaggart, investigative journalist, internationally recognized spokesperson on the science of spirituality and the award-winning author of five set-selling books, including The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, states, “A thought is NOT only a thing; a thought is a thing that influences other things. At the quantum level, reality resembles unset Jell-O. It’s ripe and ready for any programming you want to give it. Living consciousness turns the possibility of something into something real. The only thing dissolving this little cloud of “potential” into something solid and measurable is the involvement of an observer."

Three Steps to Ensure Business Acceleration

First Step: Face Your Fears
Focus on what you want. Stop focusing on what you don’t want. Meaning just focus on what you want to achieve. Don’t focus on what you don’t want, because the Law of Attraction is very powerful and you will manifest your fears because that is what you are focusing on.

Second Step: L.O.V.E. | L = Life O = Offers V = Victories E = Everyday
Meaning, do you accept the victories that are offered to you everyday? Or, do reject them? If you keep on rejecting your victories it means that you are not in gratitude. You are not focusing on solutions and your mind is elsewhere. It is important to celebrate your victories, in order to magnetize more victories in your life.

Third Step: Passion
Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Zone with Positive Passion.™ Meaning create a larger container for your Positive Passions so you can start to quiet your fear. This is done by you pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

There are a myriad of entrepreneurs who get stuck in the process of building their business. They are unable to make their businesses flourish and prosper. They’re unable to have the success that they would like to have due to their fears. They do their business the hard way, arduously. When they finally invest in their life and their business with one of the QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration® business programs for business coaching or business mentorship, they all tell me the same thing. Their mantra is, “Oh I wish I trusted myself enough to have hired you when I got stuck. I thought I could do this myself, I was stuck then and I am still stuck now and now it’s been 2 years, 5 years, 8 years, etc and I have wasted so much time”. You get the picture, right? They traded time for money.

Albert Einstein stated, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Time is one of the most valuable commodities that you have. When you run out of time, you run out. Time is a resource that must be honored, respected, valued, appreciated and harnessed™.

What is the best use of your time right now?

Are you ready to invest in your life and business and collaborate with me to begin achieving what you would like to accomplish with your business and life?

QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life.

Marina Rose, QDNA® Business Innovation DNA Design Programs Testimonial

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Marina Rose is the founder and developer of QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, a revolutionary new technique for quantum growth in life and business. QDNA® uses the latest cutting edge science in Neuroplasticity and DNA Reprogramming to develop plans of action that activate solutions for you and your business needs. It compounds Quantum Field principles, Positive Psychology, and Epigenetics, in a powerful new technique to assist you to achieve desired results. Accelerate your life and business now.

This article was written and appears as part of the QDNA® Quantum Business Series.

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Marina has been an alternative healing arts and wellness facilitator for the past twenty-one years and holds certifications in more than twenty-four healing modalities. She is a highly respected facilitator, educator and lecturer in the field, with private practice based in Venice, California. Marina is the author of numerous articles on health and wellness, and is the author of The Magnificent Human Experience: Explorations In Consciousness and The Human Body, a weekly blog dedicated to far ranging topics that bridge the worlds science, health and spirituality.

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