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The Future of Business | Quantum Leaps In Technology
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By Marina Rose, QDNA®

QDNA® Business | Intuitive Intelligence | Emotional Intelligence

August 01, 2017

“Our intuition about the future is linear. But the reality of information technology is exponential, and that makes a profound difference. If I take 30 steps linearly, I get to 30. If I take 30 steps exponentially, I get to a billion."          On Future, Technology And Reality

                                                                                                              -- Ray Kurzweil, American Inventor And Futurist

 Google Director of Engineering named by Forbes. Inc. the “rightful heir to Thomas Edison,” and one of greatest inventors of the past two centuries, including being one of only sixteen “revolutionaries who made America”.

Everywhere we look we see that technology is getting smarter, but most of us don’t quite yet realize just how smart.

From smart phones that talk and offer guided GPS navigation, cars that drive us to the office, watches that monitor our health and heartrate--to smart appliances that start our morning coffee while at the same time improve energy efficiency and household electrical use--today we find our ourselves surrounded by an incredible array of Smart Technology.

In only just a few short years since the end of the 20th century, there isn’t a single aspect of our human experience that hasn’t been touched by the rapid explosion of technology that’s smart. From the way we live, eat, learn, and communicate in our daily personal lives--to the highly advanced systems that drive science, medicine, business and industry--the exponential growth of the artificial intelligence that’s at the heart of all Smart Technology has fundamentally reshaped the world as we know it—and this is only the beginning.

Space elevators. Internet-enabled contact lenses. Cars that fly by floating on magnetic fields. This is the stuff of science fiction—and it’s also daily life in the year 2100 according to many experts.

Groundbreaking advancements in Quantum Physics, Genetics, Neuroscience and Machine Learning are paving the way for a revolution in culture and society, unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Mind bending computer technology, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, medical DNA modification, biotechnology, nanotechnology, space travel and countless other once thought astonishing breakthroughs, are all poised to happen over the next one hundred years. And while no doubt these advances offer tremendous benefits to society, such as increasing global food production, curing diseases, enhancing human performance, expanding business productivity, tackling climate change, reducing waste and dependence on nonrenewable energy—along with a seemingly infinite list of many other positive benefits--they also pose a host of unprecedented challenges and create major never-before-seen societal shifts that will require careful forethought, keen insight, critical consideration and advanced planning for many years to come.

Global thought leaders are already poised to address some of the most critical questions surrounding these radical changes, exploring ways to ensure that we stay on course for the most positive outcomes when evaluating how this new technology will affect business, the world economy and society as whole. Much thought is also being given to the rigorous scientific principles that regulate how quickly, how safely, and how far technologies can advance in the next one hundred years, what ethical considerations they present, and what types of regulation is required. As we now find ourselves on the threshold of a century of earthshaking advances in technology, we are rapidly coming to the realization that they are so big-- they could make even the incredible leaps and bounds of the last century seem relatively insignificant in comparison.

As we transition into this exciting new world of Machine Learning, with its broad array of artificial intelligence and Smart Technology, it’s important to remember that it must be nurtured with fundamental compassion and humility for the extraordinary changes to culture and society it will bring, recognizing that if not careful, our ever increasing dependence on it holds the potential to thwart and override the ongoing development and evolution of our own natural human intelligence, and our ever expanding understanding of Emotional and Intuitive Intelligence, two of its many subtle and complex forms. No longer the stuff of science fiction, in only ten years, the world around us will change dramatically. In one hundred it may be completely unrecognizable—all due to quantum leaps in technology in the Age of Machine Learning.

Evolution And Technology

Although we frequently hear the alarm bells ring anytime there’s mention of Artificial Intelligence replacing “real humans” or “computers outsmarting mankind,” the reality is that all Smart Technology is just that—a technology---one that was conceived, designed and produced by the human mind. And that’s no small understatement.

In fact, the entire scope of human evolution has very much been interdependent and a direct result of technological progress. Now, as before, it is driven by our continual advancement in technology.

Throughout human history there has been a sort of “co-evolution” so to speak, where the development and use of tools and technology led early humans to develop greater cognitive thinking, language and communication. These critical evolutionary changes then lead to the development and advancement of human society as we know it, creating a cycle of interdependent co-evolution.

Millions of years of our evolution, and countless genetic changes along the way, lead the earliest hominins to eventually morph into what we are today, owing a great deal for one of the most significant changes—our significantly bigger brains—to the continual development of new tools and technology.

From our quest for fire and stone tools to the Bronze Age, from the development of agriculture to the Industrial Age, from Moonshots to the Information age--for better or worse, technological progress is what drives the direction of humanity.

So, if humanity and technology are co-evolving, how will radical new advances in technology shape the future for us?

Short of waiting another few million years to see precisely where evolution might take us, experts best guess for our immediate future is that in the next decade we’ll likely see technologies that won’t radically transform who we are as humans, but rather will blend with our own organic qualities to aid and improve our natural abilities. In other words, to help us do more.

Want to be smarter?

We can develop a Super-Brain using advanced techniques in Neuroplasticity.

Want to improve work performance with instant recall of technical specs and see an entire 3D schematic of your work in infinite detail?

We’ll just put on a pair of Google Glass.

Need to improve creative, musical or athletic performance, speak another language, fly a plane, or see in the dark?

Not a problem. From real time trainers and translators, to robotic exoskeletons and highly accurate night vision googles, no doubt there’s a new technology waiting for you--say nothing of groundbreaking medical tech to help you recover from injury, diagnose illness, or genetically modify your DNA to slow aging or prevent disease.

Machine Learning enabled Smart Technology is now shifting far away from mere gadgets that making our lives more convenient. It offers a future with the power to improve every aspect of our lives, and the potential to even change what it means to actually be human. Some experts say, this technological and evolutionary circle of influence means that we are well on the way to becoming Transhuman, co-evolving with technology to improve and surpass our natural human limitations.

Yet, with all the impressive power that future technology affords, with its potential to improve our biological and intellectual capabilities, it’s important to remember just how far we’ve come already without it. For millennia, humans have not only survived—but thrived--living within their natural physical and intellectual boundaries, always overcoming them, continually evolving to become so much more than what we presently are. We only need look back to the history of human evolution and technology to be absolutely sure.

Quantum Leaps

In the world of physics, and in particular, quantum mechanics, a Quantum Jump describes an abrupt change or transition from one discrete state to another, such as how electrons can instantaneously change or transition between completely different energy states within an atom, when triggered by an outside force such a light. In case you didn’t know, that’s a big deal—and the key words here are instantaneously change.

From the physics, we get the expression Quantum Leap, and just like in physics, it means a sudden monumental change, development or improvement-- usually triggered by an outside force.

Today, that quantum force is Machine Learning and its many forms of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Technology, and it’s world around us that is changing.

And as quantum the changes in our personal lives may be, the quantum leaps in our professional lives and in business and industry have been equally as dramatic.

For the last two centuries, our greatest technological innovations have been the fundamental drivers of global business and economic growth. From the advent of electricity, cars, trains and airplanes--to computers, the internet and online shopping--each new innovation has triggered a quantum leap in the way we do business.

Just a mere 25 years ago, who could have guessed that there would be a lot less brick-and-mortar retail stores with more than 80 percent of Americans preferring shopping online, or that UPS would routinely deliver more than 30 million packages per day—some of which soon to be delivered by drones—and that the vast majority of business mail would be sent electronically. Everything from accounting to legal and medical services are now available via the Internet. Companies as diverse as Amazon to WebMD have leveraged these quantum leaps in technology to make quantum leaps in business as well, creating profitable new business models never before imagined.

And it’s not just traditional businesses.

Mobile technologies that have created high tech tools such as Google Drive and Skype, have triggered quantum leaps in the way businesses collaborate, enabling a vast number of professionals to work outside the confines of a traditional office. They’ve even fired up a “gig economy” with freelancers powering highly profitable ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, which like the Jeff Bezos online powerhouse Amazon, were started by highly innovative single entrepreneurs, and have now spread to more than 78 countries with a combined value of $128 billion. Now that’s a quantum leap in business.

Yet as diverse as these businesses are, there is one thing that they all have in common--that’s Artificial Intelligence driven Smart Technology--and in particular Machine Learning--the broader technology that defines a computer or machine’s ability to independently learn—meaning improve performance or do something new without the need for additional human programming. And like all new technology, its availability and use is growing exponentially.

The Future of Business

The incredible speed, accuracy and efficiency of Artificial Intelligence will undoubtedly allow it to automate and replace many direct human tasks, with the real and likely potential for countless new models of business, freeing our personal and professional time for other important things.

However, for all the concern of computers and machines displacing humans, most experts are quick to acknowledge the very unique and special human qualities machines cannot replace.

In a recent Oxford University study, researchers found that close to 50% of current jobs in the United States may be automated in just twenty years. That’s quite a number.

However, the same study also identified several types of jobs involving special human qualities that they predicted would be very hard for Artificial Intelligence to replace. These special qualities include:

• Complex Perception And Manipulation: These skills represent our highly evolved human visual and sensory systems, such as touch, for instance, and the complex and tactile sensory feedback it provides. A surgeon is a good example of a role that involves these tasks.

• Creative Intelligence: Although the neuroscience of what exactly happens in the human brain that spawns creativity is difficult to specify, creativity is usually defined as is the ability to come up with ideas or objects that are novel and valuable. In the broader sense, examples of ideas would include concepts, poems, musical compositions—and even scientific theories. Whereas examples of creative objects include paintings, sculptures, and even machinery or technical designs and inventions.

• Social Intelligence: Social intelligence is a fundamental and essential tool for any profession involving negotiation, persuasion and leadership. A good example of roles involving Social Intelligence are psychologists and even CEOs.

In addition to the three qualities identified in the Oxford study, Emotional and Intuitive Intelligence are also critically important.

Whereas Intuitive Intelligence is defined as a form of evolutionary human intelligence that provides the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious analytical reasoning, Emotional Intelligence is generally defined as a developed skill involving practiced emotional awareness which provides the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving. It also includes the ability to objectively manage emotions, including regulating the emotions of our own, as well as the ability to diffuse, moderate or influence the emotions of others—both critically important human qualities that are currently irreplaceable by even the most advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence.

And it’s this realization of the value special human qualities that keeps direct human interaction at the forefront in defining the use of new Smart Technology.

Artificial Intelligence works best to complement--not replace—direct human interaction and oversight.

As smart as computers are, and as intelligent as they may become, they are still a long way from any form of artificial Emotional or Intuitive Intelligence. These special human qualities are also vital to understanding the subtle nuances of how human beliefs and emotions affect our health, life and business. They often lie deep at the subconscious level, relying on human Emotional and Intuitive Intelligence to unlock their mysteries and to identify any blocks that would prevent success in business, happiness in life, or healing on any level—making Emotional and Intuitive Intelligence the special human qualities that will become the Future of Business.

The Anthropocene Age

Many experts say that in less than forty years computers will become smarter and more intelligent than humans, as a natural form of evolution of computer technology. Some super-optimistic futurists think that it’s only ten years away.

Truth is, no one really knows for sure.

It’s called "the singularity", meaning the single moment in time that Artificial Intelligence will not only become aware, but exceeds all human intellectual capacity. Whether that is ten, twenty, forty or one hundred years away--many believe that the moment it happens it will undoubtedly unleash the evil forces to destroy humankind.

If so, then the end of the world as we know it, could be just a little over a decade away.

And If it’s true that the singularity is coming sooner or later, then the question on the minds of almost everyone is should humanity fear it?

Everyone knows from great Sci-Fi movies that when computers become smarter than human beings that they tend to take over the world, right? Think Hal in 2001 A Space Odyssey or do we dare say the word Terminator. After all, quite a few of the most respected bigwigs in technology and science seem to think so. Need we all head the prophecies of Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and even Bill Gates.

Although no doubt it’s absolutely reasonable—and probably quite smart—to contemplate and plan for a world that features an intelligence greater than our own, but for all the dramatic talk of Artificial Intelligence taking over the world and being the demise of our species, it seems utterly foolish to focus our fears on thinking that a hypothetical Superintelligence—that’s hypothetically anywhere from ten to forty to a hundred years away from existence--would do us any more harm than we are presently doing to ourselves.

Right now. At this very moment.

Scientists now say that we are no longer living in the Holocene Age (meaning “entirely recent”), which began 11,700 years ago after the last major ice age, but rather, have now officially entered the Anthropocene (anthropo, meaning “man”), a entirely new geologic time period in the 4.543 billion year Earth’s history, that is completely and irrevocably human-influenced, based on overwhelming global evidence that atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic, biospheric and other earth systems are now permanently altered by humans—as evidenced by dramatic global climate change, human caused mass extinctions of both plant and animal species, polluted oceans, rivers and water supplies, and many other lasting impacts. Say nothing of global hunger, poverty, nuclear energy, nuclear and biological weapons, and nearly constant human warfare.

Today, there is more of the Earth’s fresh water in man-made dams than exists in the Earth’s natural environment. The 34-million-year-old polar ice sheets are melting and this has to do with global warming. We have truly entered an unprecedently moment in planetary history.

Logically speaking, at this moment we hardly have AIs to worry about.

So should we fear the “threat” of Artificial Intelligence?

Or are we humans actually a greater threat to ourselves?

Many of the world’s best scientists, conservationists, economist and other Thought Leaders think that it may be so, and in fact, see us literally standing on the precipice of time, watching the clock run out on our ability to make a shift to save ourselves. They remind us that some geological Ages have ended dramatically, like the Cretaceous Period 65 million years ago, when a massive asteroid struck the earth, resulting in the extinction of the dinosaurs and over fifty percent of all other species on Earth.

We humans have become the impact-equivalent of that asteroid.

So where do we go from here?

One thing is for sure, we hardly need wait for the AI Zombi Apocalypse to do us in.

For all the dramatic talk of Artificial Intelligence taking over the world and being the demise of our species, for all we know Artificial Intelligence could actually save us. At least that’s what some pretty smart people think.

Ray Kurzweil, is a highly respected futurist with an impeccable track record for accurate predictions in the last forty years that average out to be 86 percent accurate. He is also the Director of Engineering for Google, overseeing many of the most cutting-edge advances being made in Artificial Intelligence. In a recent interview for Futurism.com, Kurzweil says that in fact, he’s not particularly worried about the future of Artificial Intelligence, the singularity or the future of mankind. Instead he is far more optimistic. He sees AI as an opportunity for humankind to better ourselves--as the same technology that will make AIs more intelligent will inevitably help make humans smarter as well.

Imagine how a synthetic Superintelligence would respond to the critical challenges we humans face in the Anthropocene today?

Would its own response cause our own singularity that force us to “wake-up” to the rampant pursuit of money and materialism, driven by the undeniably human instincts of status, comfort, and greed that have carelessly destroyed the Earth's environment, impoverished millions of people and has created an Age of Humans that is defined in the most destructive and unsustainable ways.

No one can know for sure, but it’s important to remember that the power of Artificial Intelligence will be created by humans, and what it becomes will depend on how and who creates it.

It’s reassuring to see some of the best efforts of humanity taking the reins.

The road ahead will no doubt continue to see many more Quantum Leaps in technology, and these extraordinary technological developments will impact society in countless important ways. They must be developed responsibly, using our own organic special human qualities as a moral-compass to guide in their development, in order to pursue this technology responsibly—for humanity’s greatest good.

It’s up to us to create the future that we deserve. It’s up to us to make it happen.

QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life.

QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration® provides the practical, everyday tools to incorporate quantum knowledge into our lives, offering cutting edge techniques to not only improve health and treat illness, but to develop the practice of a balanced holistic lifestyle that leads to a better, happier, more fulfilled life as well. QDNA® offers special Business Programs to help clients optimize the Brain for Business, develop Positive Consciousness and create a life of Positive Mindfulness while building your Intuitive Intelligence.

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