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Gratitude Is An Attitude. Gratitude Is A Way of Life! |
Champion And Cultivate The Ultimate Lifestyle of Health & Happiness

By Marina Rose, QDNA®

Intent.com | Mallika Chopra | My Path To Wellness

April 01, 2016

“Gratitude is one of the most energetically, supreme emotional forces that we can use in our lives...”

The most beautiful and precious byproduct of the power of Positive Passion is that it guilds a deep golden path of gratitude in our lives. Journeying on this voyage a person is able to dive into the infinite gentle, nurturing pond of self love and self care, empowering the regulating dance of the happy joyous gene expression, inviting balanced health into one's life on a cellular DNA level.

Some of the essential indispensable ingredients of manifesting the ultimate lifestyle of health and happiness are having an organic aptitude for gratitude, appreciation, pleasure, joy and working towards our dreams.

Gratitude and appreciation go hand in hand. The more gratitude you have the more everything you want you will have. The word gratitude comes from the Latin word gratia, meaning "favor" and gratis, meaning "pleasing". At times it also means three “G’s” grace, graciousness, or gratefulness.

All connections from this Latin root embody kindness, generous, gifts, the beauty of giving and receiving, or getting something for nothing. When we feel grateful, we radiate a light energy of gratefulness and graciousness and we are moved to share the goodness we have received with others.

Gratitude has a positive energy. Positive energy has an expansive energy for health and well being. With regards to Epigenetics imagine your body being a human petri dish. Now imagine each cell is like a miniature human being in your body and all of your cells are all talking to each other. Now imagine all of your cells are bathing in this light healthy expansive energy of gratitude. Your body is having a “Gratitude Love Fest”. Now in this wildly positively charged energy field that your cells are basking in each negatively mutated cell of disease can be changed turned into a healthy cell. Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, states in his book, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles, “Frontier Science has proven positive thoughts have a profound effect on behavior and genes but only when they are in harmony with subconscious programming.”

Robert A. Emmons, PhD, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Davis, states, “Those who practice gratitude tend to be more creative, bounce back more quickly from adversity and have a stronger immune system.”

Living in gratitude allows you to focus on what you want to achieve instead of what you are missing.

Gratitude is one of the most energetically, supreme emotional forces that we can use in our lives.  It is the accelerated, stealth, graceful game changer for wealth, health and happiness. In the realm of quantum physics, observing something actually influences the physical processes taking place. Being mindful with focused meditation on gratitude will allow you to resonate with it, meaning live it and be it, therefore attracting more in your life. Utilizing the Law of Cause and Effect, Health attracts health. Happiness attracts happiness. Wealth attracts wealth. Love attracts love. Emotion is energy in motion. Gratitude is the positive energetic magnetic force magnetizing to you what you want, love and enjoy.

Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the Conversations with God series, said it best “The struggle ends when gratitude begins”.

At the University of Pennsylvania, psychologist Martin E. P. Seligman did research in the field of positive psychology on 411 volunteers. Happiness came flooding in with high scores when people were asked to write and personally deliver a letter of gratitude to a person they had never properly thanked for his or her kindness. The outpouring of happiness was larger and greater from that than any other intervention, with benefits lasting a month.

There is so much power in having a love affair with gratitude.

Become a Curator of Gratitude. Here are 20 Steps to Learn How to Cultivate Gratitude

01. Tell people how much you appreciate them.
02. Thank people verbally for everything they do for you.
03. Write thank you cards, notes and including the digital versions.
04. Practice Mindfulness.
05. Exercise to thank your body for being your temple.
06. Eat healthy food to give thanks, appreciation, gratitude and love to your body.
07. Count and acknowledge your positive blessings.
08. Be grateful to your dreams and your goals.
09. Recite Mantras of Gratitude
10. Do Focused Meditation on Gratitude & Appreciation.
11. Write a Gratitude Journal.
12. Stop being Ungrateful.
13. Stop being a Victim. 14. Read Inspirational & Motivational Quotes and Material.
15. Make a Gratitude Vision Board.
16. Have Appreciation and Gratitude for everything you have now.
17. Show people how important they are in your life and in other people’s lives.
18. Learn to Receive Gratitude and Appreciation from others.
19. Learn to feel Worthy & Deserving of Praise, Appreciation and Gratitude from others.
20. Be Grateful that people love having your in their lives.

Celebrate Every Day. Celebrate Your Life. Celebrate Who You Are.

QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life.

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This article originally appeared on Intentblog.com and originally appeared in the Malibu Chronicle Magazine.

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Marina has been an alternative healing arts and wellness facilitator for the past twenty-one years and holds certifications in more than twenty-four healing modalities. She is a highly respected facilitator, educator and lecturer in the field, with private practice based in Venice, California. Marina is the author of numerous articles on health and wellness, and is the author of The Magnificent Human Experience: Explorations In Consciousness and The Human Body, a weekly blog dedicated to far ranging topics that bridge the worlds science, health and spirituality.

Marina Rose has clients in 60 countries and all over the United States. She is based in Los Angeles, CA and lectures and practices QDNA® in locations worldwide.

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