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Unleashing The Power of Potential |
The Secrets of Neuroplasticity
To Lead And Empower Your Team

By Marina Rose, QDNA®

BraveHeart Women | Visionary Writers Series

June 01, 2015

“Leadership means unlocking potential in others--inspiring them to dream more, learn more, do more and ultimately become more.”
                                                                                    – Steve Jobs

As the saying goes, behind every great business lies an even greater team, and the key to any business success is to cultivate leadership skills that unlock and empower your team’s hidden potential.

Steve Jobs was arguably the most charismatic leader the business world has ever known. He founded Apple computers on the rebellious and unconventional principle of “Think Different”. His iconic leadership brought the personal computer and digital technology to the masses, revolutionizing not only the business world, but the everyday world in which we live in as well. Just as he inspired his team at Apple to create some of the world’s most innovative products, he also built a brand whose products inspired the world. In short, Jobs lead us all to dream more, learn more, do more, and ultimately become more as well.

Above all, Jobs proved that to move beyond mere success and achieve real greatness you have to be willing to do things differently. This is particularly true for women in business. Studies show that women entrepreneurship fosters a very distinct approach to leadership, one that’s more transformational than men and leverages the collective empowerment of the team to stimulate thinking “outside the box”. In other words, like Steve Jobs, women who lead more often “Think Different”.

Revolutionary breakthroughs in neuroscience now show us that “thinking differently” is not just a great slogan or byline for a brand, but is the key to unleashing our hidden potential, empowering ourselves and our team to success. It’s called Neuroplasticity, and techniques developed using this groundbreaking new brain science are dramatically changing our approach to leadership, teaching us how to literally re-wire our brains with optimal results.

As leaders we want to engage our team-- and ourselves--in new ways of thinking that stimulate ideas, creativity and mental shifts--moving the team’s thinking forward from the old tried and true, and instead into bold new innovative places. It’s actually the way our brains are soft-wired to work. The more often we challenge ourselves, the more our brains begin to adapt, unleashing and empowering that hidden potential.

Here are five Neuroplasticity techniques proven to unleash that hidden potential and empower your team:

Encourage Passion
Positive Passion™ is a critical component of success. Encourage your team to do what they love.

Foster Greatness
Your job as a leader is not to be easy on your team. Your job instead is to make them better.

Focus Is Power
Practice specialization with your team. Focused attention physically changes the brain and empowers the mind.

Density Shapes Identity
Challenge your team daily. The deepest challenges lead to longest-lasting change and personal growth.

Expectation Shapes Reality
Teach your team to visualize success. Preconceptions significantly impact what we ultimately perceive.

Remember, passion and empowerment leads to greatness.

“Your time is limited. . . . have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." --Steve Jobs

Want to unleash hidden potential and empower yourself and your team?

If yes, repeat after me:

“My brain is supercharged to stimulate ideas, creativity, empowerment and forward thinking,
leading myself and my team to optimal success.”

You’re DNA is being recoded now, creating new synaptic plasticity to have all of the above.

Now go out there and “Think Different”!

QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life.

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For more information about BraveHeart Visionary Women, a global community that encourages connection, expression and prosperity, visit: www.braveheartwomen.com Be. Create. Collaborate.

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Marina Rose is the founder and developer of QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, a revolutionary new technique for quantum growth in life and business. QDNA® uses the latest cutting edge science in Neuroplasticity and DNA Reprogramming to develop plans of action that activate solutions for you and your business needs. It compounds Quantum Field principles, Positive Psychology, and Epigenetics, in a powerful new technique to assist you to achieve desired results. Accelerate your life and business now.

This article was written and appears as part of the BraveHeart Women Visionary Author Series.

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Marina Rose, QDNA® Founder Activator, Actuator and Advisor

Marina Rose is an alternative health pioneer who employs cutting edge techniques that sit squarely at the intersection of the most leading edge scientific research and the ancient arts of traditional mind-body-energy medicine. She is the founder and developer of QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, a revolutionary new technique for quantum growth in life and business. She offers seminars, programs, lectures, and private sessions in QDNA® that accelerate personal and professional transformation.

Marina has been an alternative healing arts and wellness facilitator for the past twenty-one years and holds certifications in more than twenty-four healing modalities. She is a highly respected facilitator, educator and lecturer in the field, with private practice based in Venice, California. Marina is the author of numerous articles on health and wellness, and is the author of The Magnificent Human Experience: Explorations In Consciousness and The Human Body, a weekly blog dedicated to far ranging topics that bridge the worlds science, health and spirituality.

Marina Rose has clients in 60 countries and all over the United States. She is based in Los Angeles, CA and lectures and practices QDNA® in locations worldwide.

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