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It’s Only Brain Science | How To Hack Your Mood | Scientists Discover Brain Circuits Attached To Mood And How to Hack Them

Date: September 06, 2016 | ThinkBig.com | Neuroscience

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It’s Only Brain Science | How To Hack Your Mood

Scientists Discover Brain Circuits Attached To Mood And How to Hack Them

September 06, 2016

Imagine being happy all the time. A devastating divorce, no problem? The boss dumping work on you, without compensation? No big deal. Your kid throat punched someone at recess, and might get expelled? You can handle any of these situations calmly, and walk away stress free. Why? You’ve got a conscious handle on your emotions. You can turn your mood up or down at the twist of a dial. How is that possible?

Researchers at Duke University, experimenting on laboratory mice, were recently able to identify the brain circuitry related to mood. They used “super-fine electrodes” along with a minuscule amount of a specific drug. Not only were they able to classify which neurons were responsible for mood, they were also able to actually control a subject’s mood, dialing it up and down at will. In a study in the July 20 issue of the journal Neuron, researchers were able to take mice prone to depression, anxiety, or stress, and restore them to relative emotional health, just by tweaking the circuitry responsible in their brains.

Kafui Dzirasa was the lead researcher in this study. He is an assistant professor of psychiatry, behavioral sciences, and neurobiology. Dr. Dzirasa said that if you “turn the volume up” on mice who hadn’t had stress, they soon become so. Those who had experienced stress and didn’t manage it well, had their emotional volume turned back down, to normal.

Though it may have implications in humans, one must understand that a mouse brain is not a human one. Scientists can only discern something akin to mood in a mouse by its behavior. Far more research must be done before this work bears clinical benefits.

Still, the implications are enormous. Think about the societal costs which could be saved. Those with mental health issues could turn up or down their mood to overcome their disorder. But this discovery also contains the seeds of emotional totalitarianism. In decades or more to come, workers and activists could be made happy when really they are fed up, and thus much needed social change could be eliminated.

Source: ThinkBig.com

QDNA® Quantum Connection
Sometimes some very scary things come out of incredibly good science. Regretfully this may be one them.

No one would argue that better understanding of the neuroscience of emotion and mood is a much needed and indeed very good thing, but having learned the hard way with so many other important scientific breakthroughs, we all know that we had better be careful with just what we do with it. 'Hacking' our moods with the aid of natural organic foods, plants, herbs, and nature's enormous abundance of bountiful botanicals is one thing, and there is plenty of good science and tons of examples to support it. Just try sipping a nice hot cup of peppermint tea at the end of a very long stressful day and see how quickly you elevate your mood and sooth yourself with some natural bliss.

However when we think about the idea of then taking groundbreaking neuroscience of mood and emotion and using it to 'hack' or control how we feel artificially--now that's an entirely different story.

No doubt, the thinking on this research runs parallel to use of psychiatric pharmaceuticals or anti-depressants--that there is a greater societal good where the benefits of alleviating suffering out way the negative drawbacks and artificial control--or even the thinking behind the casual use of recreational drugs for that matter--that a little 'hacking' of our mood every now an then is actually a good thing.

However the one thing that we must remember is that we all have emotions for a reason, for better or worse,  no matter how tantalizing it may seem to be able to totally control them. It is our emotions that help guide us, steer us forward, and help us to grow. It is our emotions that are not only at the center of our mood, but also at the core of our total well-being, allowing us at any given moment to know in an instant if the thoughts we are thinking are in alignment with what's good for us-- simply by how we feel.

When we feel emotions of love, joy, or appreciation, we are thinking thoughts that not only naturally elevate or our mood, but also place us in perfect Quantum Coherence-- and the science shows that it has profound positive affects on both the mind and body--say nothing of the spirit. What better way than this to 'hack' your mood.

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Source: Date: September 06, 2016 | ThinkBig.com | Neuroscience
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