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Quantum In The Know | Teleportation? Is it Possible? | Very Possible. Next Up: Time Travel | Some Of The Most Far-out Sci-Fi Is Eminently Do-Able

Date: September 06, 2016 | DiscoverMagazine.com | Quantum Science

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Quantum In The Know | Teleportation? Is it Possible?

Very Possible. Next Up: Time Travel |
Some Of The Most Far-out Sci-Fi Is Eminently Do-Able

September 06, 2016

Any science fiction aficionado has seen it all before: beaming through walls, riding in starships that move faster than light, or traveling instantly to distant places in space and time. These ideas aren’t just creative fantasies, though; they emerge from theoretical physics, especially the work of Albert Einstein, whose vision included a universe that curves back on itself in three dimensions of space and a fourth, invisible dimension of time. If Einstein’s version of the universe is correct—and experiments done over the last century suggest that essentially it is—then the fictionalized feats based on his theories might be possible as well. The potential has become so tantalizing that serious physicists now regularly comment on Einstein-based technologies in the most august journals of their field.

One of the most insightful of such speculators is Michio Kaku, a physicist at the City University of New York. Einstein’s scientific legacy, Kaku points out, has already formed the basis of many incredible inventions, including the laser and the global positioning system. But what would it take to reach the next level, developing such extrapolations of Einstein’s genius as the means to journey through wormholes, teleport through space, or travel back and forth in time? Scientists have already begun the work, and Kaku reports on their progress here.

In science fiction movies like Stargate and Contact, wormholes connect distant points in the universe, allowing people to travel from one spot to another in far less time than the hundreds or millions of years required to make the trip at the speed of light, the greatest conventional velocity. Einstein’s general theory of relativity suggests the possibility of wormholes—literal shortcuts through space-time caused by the curvature of the universe itself. But do wormholes really exist, or are they figments of mathematics?

Source: DiscoverMagazine.com

QDNA® Quantum Connection
Science fiction writers and game designers are smart. They create an entire worlds out of pure imagination, wrap it real scientific principles and then publish it for the world to enjoy. This requires intelligence. In fact they are so clever that they often they inspire real life science and technology with the power to change society forever. Think Star Trek Communicators and cell phones or Replicators and 3D printers. So why not the seemingly impossible art of Teleportation? Remember "Beam me up, Scotty!"

However as much as we love to relish in the Sci-Fi tech of gaming and fiction, seldom do we think about how such technology would actually transform society --if-- we actually had it.

Who who could have ever imagined what life would be like with a smart phone 100 years ago? Today, who can imagine life without one. Technology shifts real life experience leaps and bounds, as well as our perspectives, and it does so in a remarkably short time.

So what would life be like with Teleportation?

Apart from the super fun stuff like instant travel to that tropical island for your super short three day holiday, some other pretty significant impacts would soon follow. Think of the economic impact. No longer burdened with the process of shipping goods and materials around the world, supply and demand would radically change. The idea of "scarcity" could also become a thing of the past with the ability to effortlessly shift items in abundant supply anywhere in the world that they were needed.

The business of Teleportation itself would have huge impacts on society, and the technology could possibly be initially controlled only by government, or if it were developed privately, Teleporters might have to be regulated with clearly defined rules--something like the FCC that oversaw the early days of radio and television technology. Easily done, since it will likely be so expensive to develop that there will only be few in number that actual have access to the technology. Which means that Teleporters inevitably will be rich--very rich.  The market guarantees it so. They will have a world changing “in-demand” product that very powerful people need--including Governments, businesses and even villainous Dr. No like characters --straight out of a James Bond movie. Think about it.

It's easy to relish in the undoubtedly countless positive changes a technology such as Teleportation would bring, but, like for instance, nuclear technology, along with it comes a whole new set of societal responsibility.

Apart from the obvious greater impacts, there would be significant impacts in the mundane parts of society as well. Social interactions, architecture and law enforcement would be dramatically different in a teleporting world. Personal space, for instance would no longer be guaranteed behind walls, locks and doors. Perhaps the public’s fear would be so great that Teleportation becomes highly restricted, with designated “no-go” areas and highly overseen monitoring to ensure restrictions were enforced.  Remember the public's reaction to Google Glass. If a pair of high tech glasses that record can cause such sheer and utter panic, think of what Teleportation technology would do.

For the wealthy and paranoid, teleportation would force them to alter the architecture of their homes and other secure locations. For instance Bank vaults would no longer just have a strong door, they would need an equally innovative "anti-teleport" parallel technology as a counter-measure. The lists of impacts such as these is endless--and equally real.

So as much as we love to ponder the wonders of space age technology and the many incredibly positive ways it will impact society, it's important to also remember that society as a whole must progress to be equally as advanced as the technology we behold, and it couldn't hurt to ponder that just a bit as well.

Perhaps it's a good thing that many of these wonders are still at least arm's length away, because there is no doubt that as a society we certainly have some catching up to do.

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Source: Date: September 06, 2016 | DiscoverMagazine.com | Quantum Science
Posted In: QDNA®, Quantum Science, Teleportation, Quantum Physics, Consciousness, Human Evolution, Bio-Technology, Human-Computer Interface

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