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Epigenetic Memory of Our Genes | Why Chronic Pain Persists

Date: September 06, 2016 | ScienceDaily.com | Epigenetics

Epigenetic Memory of Our Genes

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Epigenetic Memory of Our Genes | Why Chronic Pain Persists

Cells Carry 'Memory' Of Injury Reveals New Studies

September 06, 2016

A new study from King's College London offers clues as to why chronic pain can persist, even when the injury that caused it has gone. Although still in its infancy, this research could explain how small and seemingly innocuous injuries leave molecular 'footprints' which add up to more lasting damage, and ultimately chronic pain.

All of us are likely to know someone who suffers from persistent pain -- it is a very common condition, which can be caused by sports injuries, various diseases and the process of ageing. Treatment options are limited and doctors are often unable to offer anything more than partial relief with painkillers, leaving their patients resigned to suffering.

While chronic pain can have many different causes, the outcome is often the same: an overly sensitive nervous system which responds much more than it normally would. However, a question still remains as to why the nervous system should remain in this sensitive state over long periods of time, especially in instances where the underlying injury or disease has gone.

Researchers from King's sought to answer this question. In the study, published in Cell Reports, they found that nerve damage changes epigenetic marks on some of the genes of our cells. Epigenetics is the process that determines which gene is expressed and where. Some epigenetic signals have direct functional consequences, while others are just primers: flags that indicate a potential to act or be modified. The cells examined in this King's study still behaved as normal, but the existence of these novel epigenetic marks may mean that they carry a 'memory' of the initial injury.

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Source: ScienceDaily.com

QDNA® Quantum Connection
Have you ever wondered why, as we imperceptibly transition from the free, unencumbered and ever changing nature of childhood, into the more rigid, well defined, personal characteristics of our adulthood, we increasingly find ourselves appearing more and more like our parents and even our grandparents before them?

Now ground-breaking genetic studies may have just provided us with the answer to this, scientifically proving what alternative healers have known for many years—that our DNA has Total Recall-- and essentially Mom's, Dad's, and even Grandma's experiences all leave an Epigenetic mark on our genes--as does the environment we live in and the countless experiences we have in life--including traumatic or stressful experiences--which may be passed on to subsequent generations.

In a pioneering study from Emory University, research with mice confirmed that their offspring instinctively demonstrated the same stress and fear experienced by their parents even though they did not -directly- experience the trauma. The results of this test have profound implications on our lives and is a real scientific breakthrough in field of Epigenetics, the study of Gene Inheritance. This suggests that experiences are somehow transferred from the brain (memory) into the genome, allowing them to be passed on to later generations. The researchers now hope to carry out further work to understand how the information comes to be stored on the DNA in the first place.

In effect, the study helps to scientifically confirm that we're not all mad when we think we see our parents and our grandparents in ourselves, often despite our own best efforts. However gene inheritance, as the old saying goes, is both a blessing and curse. Our DNA's Total Recall can just as easily give us courage, talent and extraordinary athletic ability, as it can fear, phobias, anxiety, and poor health.

But here's the real silver lining.

Leading edge scientists are rapidly shattering the dogma and proving false the notion that are we are stuck with the hand that the genetic cards have dealt us. In fact, we actually have a tremendous amount of control over how our genetic traits are expressed. We quite literally have the ability to change this expression at any time in our lives.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s actually not. The key to effecting change in gene expression is not only understanding the DNA response to environmental factors, which has long been accepted amongst traditional medical science, but also understanding that this "environment" that our genes respond to also includes our conscious thoughts—as well as emotions and unconscious beliefs. This view marks a quantum leap forward in the prevailing view of medical science and provides further support for leading-edge medical and alternative health techniques that work directly with the process of DNA and Genetic Reprogramming.

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Source: Date: September 06, 2016 | ScienceDaily.com | Epigenetics
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