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Computer Driven Telepathy | The Next Great Leap In Human Communication | The Brain To Brain Interface

Date: September 06, 2016 | BigThink.com | Neuroscience

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Computer Driven Telepathy | The Next Great Leap In Human Communication

The Human Brain To Brain Interface

September 06, 2016

100,000 viewers recently tuned in to see Mark Zuckerberg and Jerry Seinfeld chew the fat on the first ever Q & A session on Facebook Live. At one point, Zuckerberg reiterated that the future of the internet and consequently humanity, lie in technology that gives us telepathic powers. In his view, we would be able to record our own experiences in real time, and share thoughts and feelings directly with friends and loved ones. He called it the “future of communication.” So how close are we to brain-to-brain interfacing?

Previous research in harnessing brain waves sound like pages out of a science fiction novel. Consider a monkey who could control a computer with its thoughts, and one human telepathically controlling the movements of another. Other experiments used “organic computers” with the brains of several chimps or rats all linked together.

Neuroscientists at the University of Washington, Seattle recently announced electronically-assisted telepathy. In this experiment, two colleagues sat a mile apart using only the internet relaying their brainwaves. They played a game of 20 questions. This was made possible by the work of Miguel Nicolelis, a Brazilian researcher at Duke University. In the late 90’s he began experimenting with the brain’s electrical output, painstakingly checking each individual neuron. He and colleagues soon discovered which neurons did what. For instance, 48 specific neurons fire simultaneously to allow a rat to move. When they turned to monkeys, Nicolelis and his team were able to identify 100 neurons firing in unison. What they did next was astounding.

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Some say the World Wide Web and the Internet as we know it is the first logical technology step toward human brain to brain and brain to computer connectivity. What's more, many feel that the Internet, with its Information Superhighway--connecting the world and everyone in it--is the next step towards the evolution of human telepathy. Although many of the world's Big Thinkers have popularized these ideas, what many aren't aware of is just how well they fit into the ancient cycle of time that was referred to as The Great Year by Plato and the Hermetic traditions--or the Yuga Cycles in the even older 5,000 year old ancient Vedic tradition, whose four pillars of science also bring us Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda.

Whether called The Great Year, The Yuga Cycles, or other names, this great cycle of time is what many ancient civilizations use to describe the slow astronomical process known as the Precession of the Equinox, the 24,000 year period that it takes for the Earth to pass through the twelve houses of the ancient zodiac. Different cultures refer to this cycle by different names including: the Platonic year, Perfect year, Yuga cycle, Ages of Man or just the equinoctial cycle, but one thing is clear, it was known to virtually every ancient culture throughout the globe. In their epic work Hamlet’s Mill, Dr. Giorgio de Santillana, PhD. and Dr. Hertha von Dechend, PhD. of MIT, extensively research and document the ancient myths and traditions of The Great Year and point out it was consistently the number one topic woven into myths and folklore around the ancient world.

Why were our ancestors so fascinated by this subject that they memorized stories that were passed down for thousands of years and built megalithic structures on every continent to monitor this movement?

Perhaps it's because embedded in the myth and folklore there is an unmistakable truth. That is, as the Sun curves through space carrying the Earth with it, our bodies and our planet move to a region where they are affected by different cosmic forces that indirectly result in the rise and fall of civilizations. Human consciousness expands and contracts during each cycle of The Great Year, and the cycle plays out, just like a solar year with its dramatically different and ever changing seasons of Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer, so does The Great Year move us through periods of great ages of enlightenment and dark ages of misery, with transitional periods in between. Indeed, the archaeological record clearly supports this notion, and shows a broad decline of ancient civilizations beginning about 5000 years ago, a long world wide dark age, and then finally a rise in consciousness with the renaissance continuing to the present day.

According to the Ancients, the age of this physical world is not linear, but travels in repetitive cycles. Prevailing mainstream archeological and paleontological dogma has been based on Darwin’s linear theory of evolution that all developments come from prior inferior developments. However, in recent decades new technologies have emerged such as carbon dating, DNA mapping, radiometric or argon dating which allow us to more accurately date archeological artifacts and which contradict previous and long held archeological views of human history that are deeply influenced by Darwinian theories. What we are now coming to understand is that things are indeed much older and much more cyclical then we ever imagined.

The Mesopotamian, along with the Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, Greek, Hebrew and Vedic cultures, all referred to higher times and declining ages--and the archeological evidence is now supporting this view. Each of these diverse cultures share a common theme in their world view of cosmology, which is that through these grand cycles of ages mankind has again and again lost and gained knowledge of the physical laws governing it--as well as the physical and metal capacities --such as mental telepathy, levitation and manifestation-- that go along with it. Each age changes the group consciousness of mankind, thus changing civilizations and human development. The Yuga Cycles of the Vedic tradition, not only predict highly advanced ages in the future, but indicate that they have occurred in the past as well, and describe the third or Treta Yuga, as a time when we recognize that everything is interconnected, have strong mental powers such as telekinesis, mental telepathy, and understanding of quantum coherence-- which offers the ability to manifest whatever is needed--and a shift away from mere technological advancement to a more heart and sprit centered civilization.

Could our current technological advancements such as human brain to brain and brain to computer interfaces and the myriad of other technologies be paving the way for a natural shift into a higher more advanced age such as the Ancients predicted?

According to a recent Time Magazine article, over 17 million people are now meditating-- in the United States alone. That's an astonishing number. Slowly but surely consciousness seems to be expanding, and combined with ever expanding quantum scientific discoveries, this seems to be boosting our ability to better understand the mysteries of the universe, our place within it, and the deep ancient knowledge of the mechanisms of the processional cycle reported in traditions from around the world.

According to the research of de Santillana and von Dechend, folklore is the scientific language of ancient times, and they were indeed trying to document and preserve the ancient wisdom and knowledge such as that of the pyramids, megaliths and temples that are so carefully aligned to the heavens and incorporate such sophisticated mathematical principles that we struggle to fully understand today. Perhaps we are indeed at The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius.

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Source: Date: September 06, 2016 | BigThink.com | Neuroscience
Posted In: QDNA®, Neuroscience, Telepathy, Human-Computer Interface, Quantum Science, The Field, String Theory, The Holographic Universe, The Self-Aware Universe, Biology, Human Evolution, DNA Belief Reprogramming

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