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Essential Magic | Mystical Spirit of Cinnamon

By Marina Rose, QDNA®

QDNA® Living | Quantum Living Series

March 04, 2015

“Famous for its use a spice, Cinnamon Bark is a truly prized essential oil. From the time of its discovery and throughout the ages, Cinnamon has been cherished for its therapeutic properties to improve wellness"

QDNA® Quantum DNA Acceleration® Essential Oils are the highest grade therapeutic medical grade essential oils available on the market today. Their quality is unsurpassed. The warm, spicy aroma of cinnamon has been sought throughout the ages both as a valuable commodity and for its ability to improve wellness. Caress your body with the soft blissful benefits of Cinnamon and other QDNA® Essential oils.

QDNA® Quantum DNA Acceleration® 100% Pure ‘A Grade’ Medical Therapeutic Essential Oils QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration® Essential Oils are the highest grade medical therapeutic essential oils available on the market today. Their quality is unsurpassed.

Featured Essential Oil: Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the bark of the Cinnamon Verum tree. It has been cherished since deep antiquity. It was known as a gift of the gods. It was highly treasured among ancient nations and given as an esteemed and honored gift for monarchs.

Cinnamon is widely used both as a spice and as a traditional medicine. It is perhaps one of the oldest herbal medicines, having been mentioned in the Bible (Exodus, Proverbs and Song of Songs) and in Chinese texts more than 4,000 years ago. Moses included it as an ingredient of the holy anointing oil. The Chinese knew it as Gui Zhi and recommended it for its antibacterial and antipyretic properties.

One of the oldest recorded uses of Cinnamon is in ancient Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India, which used Cinnamon to support the immune and respiratory systems.

Cinnamon was also recorded in the Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest Egyptian medical texts on record. Ebers Papyrus dates to about 1,550 BCE and contains over 700 remedies on nearly any ailment--from removing excessive bile to techniques for embalming.

The source of Cinnamon has always been wrapped mystery by the middlemen who handled the spice trade, protecting their monopoly as suppliers in the Mediterranean world for centuries.

Cinnamon was listed in one of Europe’s most recognized guides in medicine, Diorsocrides De Materia. This became the prevailing reference work for herbal treatment for over 1,700 years.

Cinnamon, the herb, has boundless medicinal uses. It established itself prominently in traditional medicines and has been used in many cultures for treating a variety of health disorders.

What does QDNA® Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil do?

Famous for its use a spice, Cinnamon Bark is a truly prized essential oil. From the time of its discovery and throughout the ages, Cinnamon has been cherished for its therapeutic properties to improve wellness.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil has a deep beguiling sweet and spicy potent aroma mixed with resolute spirited orange fragrance.

The benefits are countless, but here are just a few of the most important:

• Acts as an Antiseptic
• Encourages and Promotes circulation
• Helps instigate healthy cardiovascular health
• Cinnamon Bark can be used to enhance the flavor of food
• Assists with alleviation muscular pain, sprains and strains
• Supports in building and maintaining a healthy immune system

• Purifies and uplifts
• Encourages freedom
• Boosts focus and concentration
• Releases anger and frustrations
• Increases and enhance spirituality
• Liberates energy of victim paradigm
• Elevates and reinforces empowerment
• Stimulates and heightens clairvoyance
• Gives a sense of powerful personal protection

QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life.

To learn more about ways to boost your health and mood with Cinnamon and other essential oils, read more about Heath, Nutrition and Lifestyle tips at QDNA® What’s New, and learn about QDNA® Quantum DNA Acceleration® 100% Pure ‘A Grade’ Medical Therapeutic Essential Oils, available at the QDNA® Store.

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Marina Rose, QDNA® Founder Activator, Actuator and Advisor

Marina Rose is an alternative health pioneer who employs cutting edge techniques that sit squarely at the intersection of the most leading edge scientific research and the ancient arts of traditional mind-body-energy medicine. She is the founder and developer of QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, a revolutionary new technique for quantum growth in life and business. She offers seminars, programs, lectures, and private sessions in QDNA® that accelerate personal and professional transformation.

Marina has been an alternative healing arts and wellness facilitator for the past twenty-one years and holds certifications in more than twenty-four healing modalities. She is a highly respected facilitator, educator and lecturer in the field, with private practice based in Venice, California. Marina is the author of numerous articles on health and wellness, and is the author of The Magnificent Human Experience: Explorations In Consciousness and The Human Body, a weekly blog dedicated to far ranging topics that bridge the worlds science, health and spirituality.

Marina Rose has clients in 60 countries and all over the United States. She is based in Los Angeles, CA and lectures and practices QDNA® in locations worldwide.

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