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Essential Oils For Health |
Frankincense & The First Pharaohs

By Marina Rose, QDNA®

QDNA® Living | Quantum Living Series

February 02, 2015

“There are thousands of years of recorded history of the use of frankincense by healers throughout the ancient world, for virtually any ailment imaginable, and for precisely this reason it was far more expensive than gold."

The medicine of the ancient Egyptians is one of the oldest in human history, dating back thousands of millennia and influencing countless other cultures throughout time. Frankincense was one of their most valued medicinal plants. Its earliest recorded use is dated nearly 3,500 years ago, found in an inscription on the tomb of Egypt's first female pharaoh, Queen Hatshepsut, who reigned for nearly twenty years of unprecedented power as one of Dynastic Egypt’s most honored leaders.

Although frankincense and myrrh are most widely known as being amongst the few precious gifts brought by the three Magi to Bethlehem, few are aware that the ancient Egyptians included them amongst their vast materia medica nearly fifteen-hundred years earlier. This vast body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of medicines includes over one-hundred-thirty plants, ninety drugs derived from twenty-four animals, twenty-eight minerals, and countless other preparations, many made from plants that continue to be highly important to modern pharmacology today.

Written in hieratic script, a form of medical shorthand derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs, and archived in twelve medical papyri, the Egyptian materia medica offer a vast and highly detailed history of the ailments and treatments encountered in ancient Egypt, with more than two thousand prescriptions having been noted. Frankincense can be found as one of the most widely used medicinals amongst them. Its oil and resin was used for the treatment of wounds and as a cure for toothaches, hemlock poisoning, leprosy, worms, snakebites, plague, diarrhea, scurvy and even baldness. It was also used for ulcers, hypertension, nausea, fever, indigestion, chest coughs and post-childbirth recovery.

More than merely a medicine, frankincense was also highly revered for its spiritual qualities. The ancient Egyptians burned frankincense as incense during sacred spiritual practices and ground the charred resin into a powder called kohl. Kohl was also used to make the distinctive black eyeliner found prominently on figures shown in Egyptian art. It was also combined with myrrh, another cherished extract of the ancients, and used in the mummification of the Egyptian Pharaohs, to honor their life and to help guide their spirits successfully through their journey to the afterlife.

In addition to complex pharmacology, ancient Egyptian medical practice was very highly advanced for its time. Records show that they were well accomplished at simple non-invasive surgery, setting of bones, and many other types of medical procedures.

Egyptian medical thought also influenced later traditions, including the Greeks, and it was not just the first Pharaohs of Egypt who treasured this exceptional plant. The oil extract was one of the most valuable and prized extracts in the entire ancient world, and the source of one of the largest trade empires of the era, one that stretched from the Arabian Peninsula, across the vast Saharan Desert to the Mediterranean Sea, and then onward throughout Europe.

Frankincense was so expensive in Europe that southern Arabia became known as Arabia Felix, “Arabia the Blessed.”

There are thousands of years of recorded history of the use of frankincense by healers throughout the ancient world, for virtually any ailment imaginable, and for precisely this reason it was far more expensive than gold.

Today, frankincense is once again taking its rightful place as one of the world’s most potent and versatile natural medicines. The resin and oil made from this gift from the desert is derived from the more than twenty species of trees belonging to the Boswellia family, which grow naturally in the dry desert regions spanning from West Africa to Arabia. The dry, thick, rugged outer bark of the trees peels away like parchment, revealing the moist inner bark which contains the trees’ sap and aromatic resins. Each species of tree produces a unique frankincense extract.

Often called the “pearls of the desert”, the word for this magical medicinal plant is derived from the ancient French name “frankincense,” meaning “pure incense,” a testament to the sacred burning of Boswellia resin that has been part of spiritual ceremonies and traditions throughout the ages, and its distinct and unique aromatic fragrance.

Today, the importance of maintaining a strong immune system through good diet, nutrition and exercise is widely known, and essential oils, like other natural remedies, are now gaining wide acceptance as we see a more health conscious shift away from chemical drugs and prescription pharmaceuticals, due to the dangerous side effects that often accompany them.

Studies show that essential oils are also a powerful way to strengthen the body’s ability to heal and fight disease—and frankincense in particular is immensely effective.

A recent study by University of Leicester in the UK, published in 2013 has rekindled the theory that the three “wise men” weren’t just bringing wealth to Bethlehem, but actually bringing medicine. Using the compound AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid), the Omani government-funded research has for the first time shown frankincense’s ability to target cancer cells in late-stage ovarian cancer patients. This makes it powerful immune-supportive medicine.

Other studies have identified the active compounds in frankincense sacra in particular as potential treatments for other cancers including pancreatic and breast cancer.

Frankincense serrata has long been shown to offer excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

New research has also identified frankincense carteri and frankincense serrata to provide strong anti-inflammatory response, and provide good treatment for a variety of inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Now more than ever, there appears to be a growing body of scientific research to support the ancient wisdom of the First Pharaohs. Even skeptics have come to agree.

I am passionate about natural medicine and taking it right down to a cellular DNA level.

My parents raised me with herbs, essential oils, tinctures, homeopathic and other natural remedies, so of course it was only natural for me to create my own line of QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration® 100% Pure ‘Grade A’ Medical Therapeutic Essential Oils.

More than just fragrant oils found in health food stores that simply smell great, QDNA® Essential Oils are pure concentrated natural plant extract without fillers that have powerful and potent medicinal properties.

QDNA®, Quantum DNA Acceleration®, Change Your DNA, Instantly Change Your Life.

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